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Nothing Severed Yet : Finger Gloves™ product review

March 11, 2005

Stainer's Delight: another FREE TOOL review

We had a few hiccoughs getting this posted, but it's all set now! Another free tool review, this one from my good friend Mike. Mike's an outstanding professional cabinetmaker who does terrific work. His shop is so clean you could eat off the floor (and his one year old daughter occasionally does), and he's about five times as productive in cranking out product as I could ever hope to be. I firmly maintain that these facts are unrelated, because admitting otherwise would mean having to clean my shop. In any case, Mike does a lot of staining and was excited to try out this new product and see if it was as good as the ads say. So without further ado... -- Dan

Paean Veritas

The Good: Durable and effective.
The Bad: Doesn't protect your palm or back of your hand.
The Bottom Line: If you're a careful stainer, these completely outshine latex.
NSY RATING: Five thumbs up (5/5)

The Full Deal:


The Finger Gloves™ are unique and are a quality product.  The Finger Gloves™ come in several packages and Paean Veritas was kind enough to send me 2 packages.  (One for this review and one to send to a fellow woodworker as a free gift)  The package I received was 12 DUET Finger Gloves™ Packet (6 Medium and 6 Large Finger Gloves™) with a cost of $5.99.  I wanted to test this product against other latex gloves that I use when hand staining my work.  Just this week I was hand staining a toy box for a customer and started out using disposable latex gloves purchased from Home Depot (box of 100 - $9.99) and after staining the box once I had used 6 latex gloves.  The finger tips rip and sometimes leave latex pieces on the project. (Not good).  I then switched to the Finger Gloves™.  I was able to stain the entire box without any issues.  This made life easy.  The Finger Gloves™ are comfortable, easy to put on and somewhat easy to take off.  Not any harder than the latex gloves.  I really like the fact that they last a long time and can be reused several times, although after staining they get a little hard from the stain, but that is fine with me.  I was able to reuse them to add a top coat onto the toy box.

The Finger Gloves™ also fit much better than latex gloves do.  They provide you with a greater ability to pick up small objects and hold on to your work pieces or staining cloths.  The Finger Gloves™ have little nubs on the ends that allows for a much better grip.  You will almost forget you are wearing them.

The cost of the Finger Gloves™ may be a little more than a box of latex gloves, but I think they are well worth the money.  Other than my test, the Finger Gloves™ have a lot of potential in other areas as well.  They work great for me in trimming my roses.  Great protection from thorns! 

The Finger Gloves™ are a great product and I would encourage everyone to give them a chance!  You will not be disappointed.


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Michael G Ewanchuk
MGE Custom Woodworking & Design
Contributing Editor, Nothing Severed Yet

Posted by mike at March 11, 2005 06:22 PM


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