We have created a special page just for our amazing Needle Art Customers that specifically highlights some of the generous

Testimonials we have received surrounding the unlimited ways to utilize the Finger Gloves™ in the realm of Needle Arts.


We feel special appreciation that the Finger Gloves™ are assisting individuals who have told us that before the discovering the

Finger Gloves™, they had to rest their fingers and take time off to let them heal.  The Finger Gloves™ fit like a comfortable

Second Skin and can be trimmed shorter (see picture below) and conform beautifully to fingers that have arthritis. We have

even been told that the Finger Gloves™ feel like a "support hose" for arthritic fingers and actually feel comforting to

these special fingers that deserve a little extra nurturing. We are so thrilled to be able to help in this way, and

especially to assist you in placing such beauty into the world with your heartfelt, inspiring creations.


* COLOR ~ The Finger Gloves™ in our web-home pictures have been lightened so that you can actually see them.

In reality they are a nearly invisible 'neutral' color that will blend with your natural skin color almost seamlessly. Thanks!

*For great picture examples of the Finger Gloves™ trimmed and untrimmed on fingers click here for our Home Page.


 “Hi, I don't have a question. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Finger Gloves™. Over the years I have lost my grip and pulling a needle through fabric had become quite difficult and frustrating. When I put on a Finger Glove™ the first time, I knew a love affair had begun!  All the frustration is gone and pulling a needle through fabric is a breeze, now. Thank you SO much for such a fine product." Sincerely, Margaret H.

Longtime customer Mrs. Jackie G. – “The Finger Gloves™ are the most wonderful things I have ever discovered. They’re great for crafts, for turning pages in a cookbook or in my bible. I use them for everything I need to use my fingers for whether I’m protecting my fingers when doing my plastic canvas projects or crocheting and sewing. Especially for holding the needles when I sew in denim or thick fabric as they’re great, great for gripping. I use them every day and make them last a while, but every once in a while I just want some new ones. I tell everyone about the Finger Gloves™. They are just wonderful!”


I started using "Finger Gloves™" 2 years ago and they are the best I've ever used!. I've tried other rubber type finger protectors but was never satisfied with the results. These "Finger Gloves™" are wonderful! You can cut them to fit your fingers and they won't tear. They are also reversible from a smooth side to a textured side for a perfect grip. You can also wash them. They are so comfortable that when they are on, you don't even know it. Many times I've left the house not realizing I'm still wearing them. I use them mostly when I am stitching or quilting. As a member of the Embroiderer's Guild and the American Needlepoint Guild, I have been stitching and quilting for over 30 years. Wearing the Finger Gloves™ has saved me from sore fingers as the needle actually pierces my fingers, leaving my fingers so sore that I'm not able to stitch or quilt for at least 2 to 4 days. After changing to these wonderful Finger Gloves™, I honestly don't have sore fingers anymore!! This has made my life so much happier and more productive, as I try to stitch everyday from at least 1 to 6 hours or more.  I belong to several stitching and quilting groups and love to give all of the members one of the Finger Gloves™ to try for themselves, so the 12 Duet Package is perfect when fitting various size fingers. My friends are usually amazed at the quality and comfort of the Finger Gloves™. I've also used them when working with a Hot Glue gun. It's amazing that the Finger Gloves™ keep you from getting burnt (and they don't melt either). Also, the next time I am cutting roses, I'm going to wear the Finger Gloves™ to protect me from those nasty thorns. What more can I say other than "THANK YOU" Finger Gloves™ for inventing such a great product." Myrna Cruz


"I have been a Theatrical Tailor and Cutter for over 20 years and became aware of your wonderful product at the H.I.A. (Hobby Industry Association) show this past spring. WOW!!! What a great product!!! I have a finger that has permanent holes in it from years and years of hand sewing. These Finger Gloves™ did the trick! Now I can continue to sew and not keep stabbing the same wound. I have found over the years, that using a thimble just doesn't work for me...it's too bulky. Thanks so much for inventing this great product. Everyone I work with has found that they want them too. Thanks so much!" Ingrid H. HappyLaugh.com

"I recently received a sample of your Finger Gloves™ at the Spring Quilt Market. I have tried them and love them! I own a gift and quilt shop and sew many samples for the store, therefore my fingers get a workout. I especially have found the Finger Gloves™ to be great when working with wool on wool and primitive stitching projects. So many times the floss is thick at the eye of the needle, which will not allow it to pull through easily. When wearing the Finger Gloves™ I never have that problem, as they allow me to pull the needle through easily. I can't wait to share them with my customers. I am also excited to try them when working on floral arrangements. I can't count the number of burns I’ve had from hot glue. Thanks for making such a GREAT product." Annette Woods - owner of Need'le & Thread


"Could not do it (needlework) without your fine Finger Gloves™!  They have spoiled me forever!!!" Annette L.

        This will be your Favorite Thimble! "I do quite a lot of hand work from cross stitch, to quilting, to hand picking zippers and hemming clothing that I make.

I have never liked using a metal, plastic or even leather thimble because they are far too bulky and I cannot "feel" what I am working on.  So I use nothing and very often push the end of the needle through my fingers making them very sore and tender at times.

I have tried the Finger Gloves™ and love them.

They are thick enough that I cannot push the end of

the needle through them or my finger, yet thin and flexible enough so I can feel what I am doing.

Thanks for coming out with a great product!" Terri M.

Bonnie wears the Finger Gloves™ to prevent the steam from burning her fingers while ironing the seams in fabric prior to sewing: "I received my new Finger Gloves™ and they're great. I ironed with them on, and no steam burns! How wonderful. Thank you so much!" Bonnie D.


"This is our third order from you. Finger Gloves™ are WONDERFUL! Mom is a diabetic and has a lot of problems with her finger tips. She uses them for everything, although her biggest use is when she is doing embroidery which she loves. Your product is a real blessing and if my comments help spread the word, okay!  Keep up the good work." Mary E.

"I am a Quilter, and I have used the Finger Gloves™ on the finger that I hold underneath the garment as I’m quilting to feel the needle prick go all the way through the fabric. I’ve also used them on my push finger that I use going through the fabric. You tend to wear your finger down and need something to protect you from putting the needle through your finger. And on both sides it does help tremendously. Whether I’m doing quilting, embroidery or other needle work, they seem to fit very much like a new skin upon my finger and create a barrier that helps my skin stay healthy while I’m doing all this finger work. I also find they take away that feeling of pain that I get after a while when my finger gets very sore, and then I have to stop quilting for a long period of time so that my finger can recover. These Finger Gloves™ cut down on that time that I can’t quilt! I have found them very useful in all of my sewing habits around the house. So if it helps anyone, I find them very helpful and I enjoy using them. Just try them once and you will find that they’re invaluable! You’ll go back to them every time!" Carol S.


 Trim to any desired length & STILL fits like a 2nd Skin! "I have used the Finger Gloves™ when I am hand quilting.  I cut the rim off for comfort, put one of the Finger Gloves™ on my first finger, and it helps tremendously to pull the needle through.  In fact, I can't do it without the Finger Glove™. I have just finished my first project in hand quilting and found your product to be the perfect solution. I showed them to everyone in class and plan to be sure to show them to the store owner as soon as I have the opportunity. They would be wonderful for machine quilting, too.  It would take about 4 Finger Gloves™ for each hand for machine quilting.  The Finger Gloves™ are so comfortable and seem to be quite durable--I have only had to use one for the hand quilting project.  I worked on it every day for about 3 weeks and the Finger Glove™ is still very usable. I think you have a great product!"  Lori S.


We are so grateful to support the income building efforts of the incredible Mayan Women of Belize.

Founder, Judy Bergsma of www.MayaBags.org: "As you may recall, we

spoke at length about my work with Mayan women in Southern Belize. I took the

women the Finger Gloves™, and they loved them. We are now working with 36

embroiderers in 6 of the villages in the Maya Mountains. The quality of the women's

work this round is really beautiful. Above all, I want to thank you for your encouraging

and helpful spirit when I called you about your product. You were just wonderful."

Message from MayaBags™ Founder Ms. Judy Bergsman ~ The mission of MayaBags is two-fold.  Our primary goal is to develop a sustainable business for the Mayan women of Southern Belize, to help them maintain their traditional skills of textile weaving, embroidery, and basket weaving. The women are paid good market wages upfront for every piece they embroider. Our work helps support the traditional handicrafts of the Mayan women of Southern Belize, helps build their self-esteem as income providers in their households, and provides an alternative source of income to slash and burn farming. Best of all, 100% of the MayaBags™ purchase goes back into the project to expand its reach.


Evon H. "Your Finger Gloves™ are wonderful. My fingertips are smooth & soft again after suffering for 3 years with cracked & sore fingertips from Eczema. After trying all types of creams, lotions & lots of band-aids, I discovered your website & placed an order. Within days my fingers were getting back to normal. I wear them daily now & have recommended them to a friend who is also enjoying "new" fingertips. Thanks for the wonderful product!"

Professional Service Technician Bob D. who before using the Finger Gloves™ experienced Cracked and Split Fingertips: "I am a full time Service Technician repairing mail openers, check counters, and mail inserters. All of a sudden my finger tips crack very easily. I haven't changed anything I've been doing, although I do regularly use alcohol for cleaning parts and grease for lubing bearings. So lately I've been cutting the fingers off of disposable latex gloves and using them. They worked somewhat - but nothing compared to your Finger Gloves™! For one thing, they were a pain to put on and they broke easily. I used your Finger Gloves™ today for the first time and they worked great! I put a little Vaseline on my fingertips and they slid right on. Once my fingers are completely cured, I'll probably

stop using the Vaseline and just use your Finger Gloves™.

They feel excellent! And thanks for the quick delivery!" Bob D.

"You are more than welcome to use my e-mail

on your Customer Comment section. Everyone should know how versatile they are and how

well they work. Thanks for a great product. I have had very dry hands this winter as our

humidity in Arizona runs very low. I have been using the Finger Gloves™ while doing my taxes!  Even with a computer program, you shuffle a lot

of paper. They have saved me from the many

paper cuts I used to get. I also sew and have

taken up quilting. The dryness that comes

from handling material is gone. They are very comfortable and many times I forget I have them on. I have recommended them to many people.

I have a friend who does ceramics and hates to

get her hands dirty. She was delighted with the

Finger Gloves™. Especially nice for people

with those long nails!!! Thanks again.

P.S. Thanks for the tip about moisturizing before

putting on the Finger Gloves™." Alice W.

"I would like to say a huge thank you for your swift delivery and the only product that has helped my cracked fingers in years. The Finger Gloves™ are so comfortable I am now able to at last enjoy my card making hobby.

For your information I had to retire from Community Nursing on ill health grounds 6 years ago. What I want to put across is that since that time, I have been in and out of hospitals and find the experience not a good one, as today there is such a lack of caring and compassion. The Dermatologist is one of these such persons that just palms you off with a cream that does not work. I got the impression that you and your company are concerned about peoples welfare and not just trying to sell your product. I wish that you could market your magnificent Finger Gloves™ in England as I know people like myself are crying out for help to get relief from dried, cracked and bleeding fingers. By the way, I am not wearing any Finger Gloves™. My fingers have healed so well. Kind Regards Anne B."


 Dried Hot Glue easily peels off Finger Gloves™ 
        making them reusable time & again. "I love them!! Worked so great with HOT glue gun and no burns! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Ginger W.

 High Temp. Candle & Soap Crafting "The Finger Gloves™ are brilliant! I've used them in my soap and gel candle projects for A.C.C.I. - not tried with hot glue yet, but the soap and gel temperatures are about the same, so I know I'll be happy there too!" ~ Maria Nerius - Professional Crafter, Columnist & Author

"You just don't realize exactly how much I appreciate finding this site. Two years ago I was in a flash fire at work, my left hand got the worst burns, and still doesn't quite work the way I would like it to. Anyway I have a landscaping business and my fingers on that hand always get cut from the skin being so thin, these are going to be a godsend." Christopher C.


       Swarovski Crystal Pet Collars and Leads created by Joan Champiomont - "Manufacturing my dog collars requires the use of extremely high heat and these Finger Gloves™ have saved my fingers!  They are extremely comfortable and durable.  And I like the fact you can cut them for a custom fit.  I highly recommend Finger Gloves™." Visit www.ACrystalAffair.cc to see more unique creations!


 Say farewell to hot glue burns... oh yeah. Johnnie Kiddie, Owner and Founder of Lengthy Locks 4 U Hair Extensions Company ~

"We would just like to Thank You for allowing us to be able offer this wonderful item to our customers! As a large supplier of hair extension products and supplies, we face many challenges when offering our customers the best and most affordable products available on the market today. Many of our customers suffered very bad burns on their fingertips from hot keratin glue being used to install fusion hair extensions,

a process that can take several hours to complete which means several hours of constant finger contact with hot keratin glue. After checking with many companies and testing several different brands of finger cots and finger caps, we were truly blessed to have the opportunity to find your product. The Finger Glove™ is extra durable and still offers the dexterity needed for fusion hair applications, they can be easily trimmed to cover just the finger tips and literally feel as if there is nothing there at all to slow down the application process because they conform to the finger so well! Sweat does not pool inside, they stay put and do not slip off of the fingers!

Most importantly they do not melt after extensive use! This product is a dream come true for hair extension artist everywhere. The quality cannot be surpassed and we would never consider offering another product to our customers! Again our many thanks and deepest gratitude for saving the

fingers of our customers world wide! Best wishes, Lengthy Locks 4 U Hair Extensions www.LengthyLocks4U.com

Georganna is employed full-time by a Hobby shop where she crafts with High Temp. Hot Glue five hours each day. She told us that she burns her fingers, "All the time, everyday. I Never get use to burning myself!

(I get) third degree burns that blister and are visible for a month.

My fingers have finally had a chance to heal! They work. It’s good. It’s really good. You can get your stuff better positioned and better pushed

in (because) you’re not burning yourself. You get use to not burning yourself, then when you take them off you suddenly remember!"

*Lastly, dried Hot Glue peels completely off the Finger Glove™ for repeated use.


"I am very happy to say that the Finger Gloves™ worked great!  I came home from work with clean hands and nails, and best of all no scrapes on my knuckles!  I am a very happy customer.  Thank you!"  France R.

"These Finger Gloves™ are a breakthrough for us! Before the Finger Gloves™ we had to trade off valuable production time while trying to protect our fingers with something that was uncomfortable to wear. We have searched a long time to find a product that would protect the fingers and still be comfortable, and we have found it in the Finger Gloves™!" Laura P. of JANSSON, one of the nation’s leading designers and manufacturers of custom invitations and stationery.

Grocery Store employee, David M. ~ "Hi Guys, Hopefully you are seeing a few new orders coming your way from Massachusetts. I am trying to spread the word (and giving my co-workers 'samples'). Counting out change and popping open paper bags rips our fingertips to pieces (thumb and index, actually). Finger Gloves™ are a lifesaver!

I do know for a fact that 'hand protection' is a major issue at most grocery stores, especially in New England, where the winters are so dry. Deep finger splits are a common problem for people working at checkout. Some cashiers wear disposable plastic gloves, but they are not durable. Further, it is probably less cost-effective than Finger Gloves™, as a typical Cashier or Bagger probably goes through several pair per shift. It is only the finger tips that need protection and your product does the job far better than disposable gloves. They look better, draw less attention, and are more comfortable. I am going to speak to my boss about getting the company to order them, as it comes under the heading of 'hand protection', and is a safety enhancement.

Until that time, I shall continue to promote your product by word-of-mouth."


 Onions, garlic, etc. ~ Excellent for Culinary preparation. Deborah B. ordered the Finger Gloves™ for peeling roasted Hot Chile Peppers! Also excellent for scraping the seeds out of hot peppers!

"I received the Finger Gloves™ as a product evaluator... I

use them on my fingers when scooping out soft boiled eggs.

I no longer need to dip my fingers in ice nor do I get burned.  They have enough grip to make it quite handy for scooping the eggs without dropping them. Thank you so very much

for such an innovative product and I hope that you now

have a new use for marketing purposes." Sincerely, Sue S.


       "Old Salts"© by Master Pastelist and Art Instructor Judy Pelt - "I have been painting with pastels for over 25 years. For many years I have sacrificed nice hands and fingernails for my passion with pastels. Then I began to use dental gloves. The problem there was the perspiring of the hands. I wanted to rip them off as they became an interference in the painting process. With Finger Gloves™, I find that I can paint all day without having to remove them. I can even wash my hands and the thickness of them does not allow them to go all weird on me! And they are a great fit! A little baby powder on them after washing makes them ready for another day. Another point is that the thickness makes them wearable for many, many days at the easel. They are not a one time usage product. My students will be sending for them come September. Thank you so much." Judy Pelt may be reached regarding her exquisite  artwork at 817-732-0207


"Lady Slippers"© pastel masterpiece by Published Pastel Art Instructor Barb Pinc  - "I received the Finger Gloves™. Thank you for sending them so soon. I brought them to the studio and my students were so excited to be able to have their own rather than using mine. I was so excited to see them at the convention (International Association of Pastel Societies), they are such a wonderful idea. I have always hated using rubber gloves, surgical gloves or finger cots. But I needed to protect my fingers especially when using sanded type papers with pastels. I also love them for weeding in my garden."

"I find the Finger Gloves™ to be extremely comfortable and an asset to my business. They are most durable, very easy to use and very easy to clean. I use them every time I work and also find them very useful for small jobs around the house. I highly recommend them, and once you try them you won't want to be without them." Tony Rowe; Airbrush Body Artist of Art by Design; 760-320-9694.


Master Jeweler and Goldsmith Mary Schimpff-Webb: “As a jeweler I am writing to let you know how much I like the Finger Gloves™. I have tried leather, cloth and rubber gloves to wear when I polish my jewelry on the buffing machine. They are either too bulky for holding small items or they wear thru too quickly so my poor fingers have just been blackened by the polishing process. So when I heard of Finger Gloves™ and tried them I was so excited because I can hold the smallest items, they protect from the heat created by the polishing wheel, they can be cleaned and reused and they do not wear thru quickly. They do everything I had been looking for as a protection for my fingers when polishing my jewelry. Thank you for creating them.”


Commercial Photographer, D. Little: "Finger Gloves™ have saved me

an incredible amount of time in shooting jewelry! With Finger Gloves™,

the jewelry stays clean and I don't have to keep cleaning my fingerprints off

of the pieces. I can use Finger Gloves™ only on the fingers that come in contact with the jewelry, so my hands don't sweat as they would with latex gloves.

Thank you Finger Gloves™ for making my job that much smoother!"


Additional Stained Glass resources

"I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with my Finger Gloves™! For the first time, I just worked for an extended period today with glass using my new Finger Gloves™. Not only are they extremely comfortable,

I was thrilled by how quickly and more efficiently I can work now. Not to mention the fact that I'm not getting little "micro-slices" in my fingertips every few minutes! This product will add so much freedom to my workflow; I can spend more mental energy on the creative process rather than making sure I'm being careful with the edges of the glass! I plan to tell as many folks as possible about Finger Gloves™!!! Thanks again," Jill W.

"I received my Finger Gloves™ and used them for the first time today... WOW  am I impressed.  I do stained glass and when I use the grinder my nails tend to soften and split, then when I do finish, I need to apply cream extensively to my finger tips.  Today I even forgot that I had anything on my fingers the fit is soooo fine and my nails remained in good condition.  Thanks for

your product.  I will tell everyone I know." Arleen B.

"I used my new Finger Gloves™ for the first time this past weekend when I was cutting stained glass for mosaics.  It was the first time that I finished the task without my fingers hurting from having small cuts or glass splinters in them.

Thanks for a great product." David Chidgey


"I love my new Finger Gloves™. I have been working with stained glass for over twenty five years, and every time I have to use the grinder, my fingers get wrinkled from the water and cut from holding and pushing the glass against the grinding wheel. I have tried to use a holding tool which is supposed to work well, but I just can't seem to get it to work right for me because I tend to grind very small pieces or ones with intricate curves. I have also tried to wrap my fingers with tape designed for the purpose, or to wrap in Band-Aids®, or even to use household rubber gloves. None worked. Too cumbersome. Too slippery. Couldn't hold the glass that well. Wore holes in them all too quickly. I bought some of your Finger Gloves™, mainly because they didn't cost that much, and I thought it was worth a try. I have Diabetes and I am getting to a point in time, where I have to be more cautious about getting cuts in my fingers. I am amazed at how well they work. They fit so well that they don't get in the way at all. I put them on my thumb, index finger and middle finger of both hands. So far, I have used them for several hours and I haven't cut into them yet. Thank you for such a wonderful product." Sunny Sandock Stained Glass; Littleton, MA


"I received my Finger Gloves™ on Friday. I was able to try them over the weekend and was just thrilled with them.

No more cut finger tips from my grinding stained glass. They also are comfortable for cutting, so I don’t have to take

them off in between cutting and grinding. I was also at my stained glass dealer over the weekend and took the Finger Gloves™ down to show them. I was really impressed, so hopefully this will get more people in my hobby ordering them." Deana H.

A magnificent Stained Glass Door creation by Jon H. "I have been a satisfied user of your Finger Gloves™. I make stained glass as a hobby and my fingers really take a beating when I do not use your product. I tried using rubber / plastic gloves, but my hands sweat so much they are uncomfortable and they tear easily. Your Finger Gloves™ solve both problems for me."  Sincerely, Jon H.

"I work with stain glass and also do a lot of work with yarn. I have dry skin and always get cuts on my thumbs and around my fingernails. Moreover, working with yarn while knitting and crocheting further dries out my fingers. It is almost impossible to keep a Band-Aid on when working with stain glass, but you don’t want any lead to get in any cut. Since I have used the Finger Gloves™, my cuts have really healed as I can now keep salve and Band-Aid’s on my thumbs and fingers while crafting. The Finger Gloves™ really are great!"  Virginia S.

Luxurious Bead & Jewelry Artist Tina Randolph - "I just LOVE my Finger Gloves™. They cut my work time for smoothing the seams in the polymer clay beads in half! And I don't have to worry about smudging the colors like I do with finger cots. Thank you."


“After my first day of working in a flower shop, my right thumb was in shreds. Every flower must be re-cut with a sharp knife before it is added to a floral arrangement. I knew I had to protect my thumb in order to work the following day. Band-Aids nor “New Skin” worked for long as my hands were continually in water. It was then that I remembered the Finger Gloves™ a friend had given me for gardening. What a relief!! Strong enough that the knife does not cut through, and one can be re-worn for several days of work. It stays on, can get wet and does not stretch out of shape. And they're very comfortable... I don't even know I have them on! I'm handing them out to the other designers. I have even gotten the Master Designer of the shop using them. So sad she has just discovered them after 40 years in the business!  But best of all...no more raw open cuts hurting a much used thumb!! They have just been wonderful!" Judy W.

"I have to tell you your Finger Gloves™ are great. I have been in the Florist industry for 20 years and never have found a product that could endure the amount of work that we do during the holidays. I used them for Thanksgiving and I wasn't afraid of how my hands looked after our long hours. Thanks, Nancy T."


"I really love them! I’ve been using them on both hands for all the planting that I've done this year. But I  have found that where I really enjoy the Finger Gloves™ is when I'm weeding, because my  grass grows among the flowers, and with larger or heavier Gloves™ I can’t always find my way down to the bottom of the grass and find its root. But if I water it really well and then go in with the Finger Gloves™, I get down to that root. When I’m done using them, I wash them inside and out and just lay them on a paper towel to dry, and then the next time they’re perfectly clean and ready to use again. I will never garden without them again! I also have nails that break very easily, and I’m finding that the Finger Gloves™ are keeping my nails manicured and unbroken... they’re wonderful!" Gwyn M.


"I love to garden, but I also like to keep my finger nails looking nice. Until I  discovered Finger Gloves™, dirt under my nails, dryness and soil stains on my fingers were a problem. I also love the dexterity I have when wearing Finger Gloves™ as opposed to a full-length glove. I've been handing them out to other members in my Gardening Club who love them as much as I do! You have got to try these...they're great!" Judy H.

"I use the Finger Gloves™ when I garden, and they’re especially helpful when you’re transplanting seedlings into the flower bed, because you have a better tactile sense and you’re able to separate the roots easily without tearing them apart... it’s just so nice! I had such a great experience doing my lettuce that way because they’re so tiny and fragile. I’m just really thrilled with them!" Cindy M.


Bud S. - "I smashed my thumb with a hammer, and could not keep Band-Aids on it during the day, until I used the Finger Gloves™. Because my hands are exposed to diesel fuel and gas all day long, it’s important that my cuts stay clean, and I’ve found that the Finger Gloves™ are

the best things that allow my fingers and thumbs to heal. They kept

the Band-Aids in place and my thumb clean. I put them on first thing

in the morning when I leave the house, and don’t take them off until I get home at night. I even wear them while bowling! They are washable and can be reused. They also allow me to use my hands as

if they are not even there! They don’t keep me from picking up tools

or pencils...whatever I need to do. I would not be without them!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a package of your Finger Gloves™ for my husband to use at work. He works for a large company that

make the compacters and dumpster. He works in the painting and sanding department and was complaining of his fingers hurting him all the time. So I bought a package of them at my local store and he said THANKS they really work for what he does." Mrs. Boyd J.

"I would like to say a huge thank you for your swift delivery and the only product that has helped my cracked fingers in years. The Finger Gloves™ are so comfortable I am now able to at last enjoy my card making hobby. For your information I had to retire from Community Nursing on ill health grounds 6 years ago. What I want to put across is that since that time, I have been in and out of hospitals and find the experience not a good one, as today there is such a lack of caring and compassion. The Dermatologist is one of these such persons that just palms you off with a cream that does not work. I got the impression that you and your company are concerned about peoples welfare and not just trying to sell your product. I wish that you could market your magnificent Finger Gloves™ in England as I know people like myself are crying out for help to get relief from dried, cracked and bleeding fingers. By the way, I am not wearing any Finger Gloves™. My fingers have healed so well. Kind Regards Anne B."


Professional Craftsman - Dave S. utilizing the Finger Glove™ as a Caulking Glove™.  "The Finger Glove™ just works well!  I see no drawbacks at all! In the first place it keeps my  fingers out of the "goop" so it’s an extremely easy clean up! The Finger Glove™ is flexible and once the caulk dries on it, it peels right off so that you can use it over and over again! The next biggest thing is that when smoothing out the caulk, I don’t have to worry about getting slivers or cuts...it eliminates that entirely! This makes my job faster because I don’t have to worry about wearing the skin off my fingers or digging caulk out from underneath my fingernails and cuticles all day. Reaching for nails and working with my hands as I do, I don’t have a great success in wearing gloves. So I was delighted to find that the Finger Glove™ fits fine and goes on and off easily! I haven’t torn it and I’ve used it repeatedly. I would also use them for concrete and masonry work to keep my fingers from cracking from the lime. I would certainly recommend these Finger Gloves™ to others! Try em’... They work!" Dave S.



GAMER, Tyler D.: "I tend to have my thumb slip on the analog stick of my gaming controller.

I want something to add extra grip that the controller doesn't offer. These Finger Gloves™

provide just the thing I need without having to wear a glove that limits finger mobility."


for preventing blisters and split, cracking skin that comes from constant rubbing along with the dryness from tapes adhesive. Simply trim off the top of the Finger Glove™ and slip over your finger's problem area's!  Another bonus for ball sports is the additional grip the Finger Gloves™ provide.

   TOURNAMENT BOWLER, Rich T.: "I would like to say what a slick idea the "Finger Glove™" are. I live in the northeast and am a very avid tournament bowler. Between

the climate and normal wear and tear from bowling, my hands are very often cut and

always sore. I actually started wearing "Finger Gloves™" while bowling and the

difference is unbelievable!  My fingers look like I don't even bowl anymore!

No cuts or splits anymore on my fingers and this product

has again allowed me to enjoy something I love pain free.

Thanks "Finger Gloves™" - Best innovative idea I've seen in a long time!"

"I string tennis, badminton, and squash racquets. These Finger Gloves™ are the greatest product.

No more finger burns from pulling and weaving the strings through the racquets. Thank you." - Bill Y.


Pet Grooming ~ During a break at an Earthdog Trial, McAlpin's Scotch Kiss JE (a.k.a. "Kelsey") lets her mom Mary Ann strip out some head hair using the Finger Gloves™ to keep that classic round Westie look... Gorgeous!


PARTIALLY AMPUTATED THUMB: "I amputated my left thumb tip in January and use Finger Gloves for protection.

Also with them on no one can tell my thumb tip is gone, they think I just have a cut. I very desperately searched around pharmacies, even hospitals, for a "thumb cot" large enough and durable enough to meet my needs and am so grateful that I found your website. I work as a dental assistant and am required to pull on and tear off latex gloves all day long. I trim the Finger Glove™ to my length and it fits snugly yet comfortably and never comes off with the latex gloves so I am able to not even give it a thought all day long. I am spared the embarrassment of having my ugly stump on show to gross out the patients. Thank you again for being there with a product that meets my special needs so well." - Darlene L.


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